How to obtain a PRINCE2 certification


PRINCE2 certifications are one of the most popular and sought after project manager certifications in the country for both the private and public sectors. The certification is awarded by AXELOS, a joint-venture company between the government and Capita Plc. It is arguably the most important professional certification for those who are seeking a career related to development, design and delivery of projects, such as project assurance and project management executives. AXELOS currently offers two forms of certification courses for interested individuals.

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1. PRINCE2 Foundation


PRINCE2 Foundation level certification is the basic introduction course into PRINCE2. The course covers two major topics:


  • An basic primer of the basic methodology and terminologies of PRINCE2
  • An in-depth review of the application of PRINCE2 into projects


This course is tailored for executives who wish to understand the basic principles of modern project management, and thus, equip them with the knowledge to understand the key phrases and terminology use in PRINCE2.


There are NO entry requirements for PRINCE2 certification course. However, experience in basic project management and familiarity with PRINCE2 is useful to pass the exam.


1.1. PRINCE2 Foundation Exam


The foundation exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions, including five practice questions that are not included in the final score. Course takers are given one hour to complete the test. However, an additional 15 minutes is provided to candidates whose native tongue is not English.


The test can be taken either in computer or paper (classroom) format. You need to determine the method of taking the exam in advance when choosing your Accredited Training Organizations (ATO). For classroom courses, candidates will have to attend a standard three-day course before taking the exam.


Both formats will involve invigilators. As such, candidates who wish to take the exam online must have a web camera and microphone installed on their computer. The passing mark is 50%, or 38 correct answers.


The foundation exam cost ranges between £171 and £350, depending on the candidates’ choice of ATO. The certification has no expiry period.


2. PRINCE2 Practitioner Level Certification


Prince2 practitioner level certification is structured to evaluate whether candidates are capable of applying the PRINCE2 framework to manage a project scenario within a PRINCE2 environment. The course is suitable for candidates who are managing projects as part of their function at the workplace. To take this exam, candidates must have minimally passed the Foundation exam. The course spans four days – three days for standard lectures, and the fourth day for the exam.


2.1. PRINCE2 Practitioner Level Exam


The practitioner exam is comprised of 80 multiple choice and subjective questions. Candidates are allocated 150 minutes to complete the test. An additional 30 minutes may be granted to candidates who are not native English speakers.


The test may be conducted either in a classroom or online. Please discuss your options with your chosen ATO. For tests taken online, the candidate’s computer must be installed with a webcam and microphone for invigilation. Candidates are allowed to bring the manual, Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, into the classroom during the test. Candidates must answer 55%, or 44 questions correctly to pass the exam.


The PRINCE2 practitioner exam cost ranges between £233 and £450, depending on the candidates’ choice of ATO. The certification expires every five years; candidates are required to take the Re-Registration Examination to renew their certification.



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