Why should you obtain a PRINCE2 qualification?


If you’re thinking about building a career in project management, getting a PRINCE2 certification might just be the best decision you will ever make. Forget about the cost and time needed to complete the four day cost to get certified – the benefits will far outweigh these minor challenges. What are the benefits of PRINCE2, you say?

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Improve your career prospects


The most powerful argument for getting certified is that PRINCE2 offers a unique and long-lasting career divergence. If you are a project executive or manager, the certification will look amazing on your resume and open doors to managing massive, high profile projects.


Even if you are not planning on seeking new employment opportunities, the certification might also convince your current company to assign more responsibility to you.


Many executives are still not fully aware of how powerful a PRINCE2 accreditation is – don’t be one of them!


Increase your salary


Aside from emotional fulfilment, a promotion or new job also guarantees higher pay. Certified PRINCE2 project managers and executives earn on average £6,000 a year more than their non-certified counterpart. That’s like a two-week holiday in Los Angeles. Or save up for three years and pay cash for a new Ford Fiesta.


Working in new locales


You don’t have to be a lorry driver to work in different locations. A certified and experienced PRINCE2 manager will likely be highly in demand at major cities around the country. And if you’re working for a multinational company, you could be travelling to iconic European cities. Imagine supervising a new production line in the highlands of Scotland this week and a packing facility in Madrid the week after. How cool would that be? And you don’t even have to wear a flight attendant’s uniform!


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A PRINCE2 certification is not just for show – you will learn a lot of new things for your job. By utilising your knowledge, you will be able to help your company become more efficient and earn more money. You will also be able to influence the training and development of rank and file staff which could help them accelerate their own career paths.


Once you have established your credentials and reliability, your management will be more eager to seek your advice and include you in the decision making process. This could open the door for regional or divisional head promotions.


Pursuit of Happiness


Success in professional life will have beneficial effects in your personal and home life. You will become more confident and self-assure; you will be able to manage your time more effectively; you will be able to give you and your loved ones a higher standard of living.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that a PRINCE2 certification will lead to a happier you.



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